Development and design

We work constantly on the further development of our products. Look out for both the details and the whole picture. Latest development examples are our HPRL-Design (High Pressure Return Line) launched in 2016, which guarantees better evacuation of air bubbles and thus for better ventilation of the SOLAR-RIPP ® solar area and thus at the end of the day for better heat transmission, as well as the anti-slipping design feature of our clips (a central snap-fit catch fixes the solar pipe clipped in place in the rib valley in order to avoid axial displacement of the solar tube) and the 50 mm connection end on our manifolds/collectors, to mention only two detailed examples. This last example prevents the flexible connection muff from slipping thanks to the special design of the component affected: The 1. fibre-reinforced material is resistant to deformation; the additionally 2. ribbed surface increases friction; a 3. tapered geometry increases the diameter behind the point where the clamp is attached, which means that the sum of these three points taken together makes it almost impossible for the flexible connection muff to slip on the end of the manifold/collector tube. Problem-free operation of the solar system coupled with long service life are your advantages. We aim to build and deliver the best absorber product on the market.