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SOLAR-RIPP ® Clip Connector Sheet SOLAR-RIPP ® Clip Connector Sheet
For continuous installation of original Clip 15-way below each other, optimal e.g. for pitched roof installation, made of V2A stainless steel (1.4301), Required tools: 2.5mm hexagon wrench (Allen), hexagon wrench with 7mm wrench size...
€1.99 *
SOLAR-RIPP ® Clamp (flexible) SOLAR-RIPP ® Clamp (flexible)
Perfect fixation of the original SOLAR-RIPP ® manifolds / collectors as well as other pipes with 50mm outside diameter, Supplied as a flat, flexible sheet metal part for self-bending (simply bend the two eyelet ends by 90 ° with two...
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Solar Tube And Clip Scissor Solar Tube And Clip Scissor
Easy solar tube cutting. Also suitable to cut the clip shorter. Without a ratchet mechanism that can break! Illustration by way of example.
€19.98 *
SOLAR-RIPP ® Solarcontroller SRCPOOLML... SOLAR-RIPP ® Solarcontroller SRCPOOLML...
Technical Features SRCPOOLML000 : Temperature sensor inputs: 3 Relay outputs 230V: 2 Number of applications: 4 LEDs red/green for display of operating status: Yes Simple heat metering: Yes Battery-backed Real Time Clock: Yes Setup...
From €189.50 *
Export Document DIN Certification Export Document DIN Certification
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SOLAR-RIPP ® Flexible Connector "High-Pressure Resistant" 50mm With 2 Hose Clips, Extra Long SOLAR-RIPP ® Flexible Connector "High-Pressure...
In individual cases, e.g. if an oversized pump is installed, increased internal pressure within the system may result. If your system is affected, this article can help you better withstand the high internal pressure (up to 3 bar). Extra...
€19.98 *
SOLAR-RIPP ® Flexible Connector 50mm With 2 Hose Clips SOLAR-RIPP ® Flexible Connector 50mm With 2...
Black, inside diameter 50mm, length 88mm, including two worm drive clamps.
From €6.98 *
SOLAR-RIPP ® Hose Tail Adaptor PVC 63mm MP (Pair) SOLAR-RIPP ® Hose Tail Adaptor PVC 63mm MP (Pair)
Dark grey, PVC-U, 50mm/63mm outside diameter
€15.94 *
Individual Offer + VOUCHER Individual Offer + VOUCHER
We would be happy to support you in realizing your planned swimming pool solar heating. Our DIY system is always delivered individually according to customer requirements and is available for different customer needs and equipment...
From €19.98 *
SOLAR-RIPP ® Energy Fence Post ALU SOLAR-RIPP ® Energy Fence Post ALU
Delivery without clips and without angle. Completely made of aluminum. "Made in Germany" Engineering quality.
From €19.98 *
SOLAR-RIPP ® 0.75” MT Screw For Manifold End With Thread, Made Of Metal SOLAR-RIPP ® 0.75” MT Screw For Manifold End...
Fits the SOLAR-RIPP ® SRGK, NEW, now finally made of rust-proof steel with 12mm hexagon socket and 3/4 "male thread.
€4.98 *
Catalogue "dena": Information on Technologies, Suppliers, Products and Services Catalogue "dena": Information on Technologies,...
The “renewables – Made in Germany” catalogue published by dena presents an overview of German renewable energy industries and companies providing international markets with an extensive range of products and services in the solar, wind...
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Set Adhesive + Primer for bonding SOLAR-RIPP ® Clips Set Adhesive + Primer for bonding SOLAR-RIPP ®...
Satisfying bonding results of the SOLAR-RIPP ® clips on non-absorbent surfaces, e.g. on metal roofs are only possible if the primer is used! The surfaces to be treated must be dry, clean and free of dust and grease (use e.g. PVC cleaner...
€49.98 *