Certification process successfully completed

The German Test Center Saarbrücken (Testzentrum Saarbrücken, TZSB) has certified the impressive performance data for our products. The institute for future energy systems (Institut für ZukunftsEnergieSysteme, izes), which specializes in solar technology, was quite astonished by the efficiency achieved in tests with the original SOLAR-RIPP ® solar heating system. A test series to determine the thermal efficiency under defined conditions according to the DIN-CERTCO standard and following DIN EN 12975-1,2 was carried out in the early summer of 2008. The Eta-0 value of 0.917, or 91.7 percent efficiency, represents an extraordinary achievement in thermal engineering, unmatched by other manufacturers. A 2.576 square meter (27.728 sq ft) solar array continuously aligned towards the sun, all made of components from serial production, delivered peak power of 2,362 watts under solar irradiation of 1,000 watts per square meter – plenty of energy to keep your pool water warm.