SOLAR-RIPP ® a Winner at the „Golden Wave 2009” Innovation Awards

There are plenty of new products, but far from all of them are true innovations that add real, long-term value to our market. “Schwimmbad & Sauna“, Europe’s leading journal for the pool & spa industry, with more than 40 years of tradition, honors such groundbreaking developments from the field of pool and wellness technologies with the biennial “Golden Wave“ awards. The obvious focus of the awards is on products that offer real, practical benefits. This focus is ensured not least by the composition of the awards panel, which is made up, exclusively, of renowned and experienced engineers and entrepreneurs from the pool construction industry. This year, close to 100 products competed for the panelists’ accolade. The magazine offered three awards in each of the seven categories. This year’s 3rd price for “Pool Technology” was awarded to SOLAR-RIPP ®, located in Sinzig, Germany, for their solar pool heating system SOLAR-RIPP ® < Modul >. The main innovative quality of the SOLAR-RIPP ® system is its modularity: It consists of only five articles, which can be combined to more than one hundred different solar collector sizes. The system is assembled on site, simply by connecting the required modules, without any tools, screws or tricky engineering. Stockists and specialist dealers benefit from clear, low-volume warehousing, because of the small number of different parts to be kept in stock. Photo, award presentation: SOLAR-RIPP ® receiving the price at the awards ceremony at the “Cube”, the impressive glass structure in the heart of Stuttgart, which also houses the Art Museum Stuttgart. The award was presented by Meike Maurer, the editor at the Fachschriften-Verlag, Fellbach, which publishes “Schwimmbad & Sauna”.