Revised WebStore Reopened

Has it really been seven (7) years since our high-quality solar absorbers for swimming pools heating were first offered through a WebStore? From the first day, this facility, originally launched under the domain name, offered great customer benefits, for many pool owners are at leisure for a private look into these technical issues only after normal office hours. At the time, we were one of only few businesses in this industry to pick up the digital challenge. So now we have the confidence to touch the latest web technology for a radical redesign of our online branch. Please allow yourself a few minutes for a little browse through our online catalog. We are sure you will find your ideal size among the 18,000 absorber variants in our portfolio. If not, just send us a brief e-mail message, which may also include a digital photo, so that we can respond with a tailor-made offer. Our advice will be prompt and competent!