New Solar Controller SRC2020SOLAR

German manufacturer SOLAR-RIPP®, specializing in solar heating of swimming pools, presents a new temperature-difference regulator called SRC2020SOLAR, launched on June 14 2011. The unit, fitted with two temperature sensors, is extremely compact at just 10 cm and scores high in functionality, not to mention the slick product design. A circulating pump and a motorized valve can be connected to the relay box supplied, covering the whole range of solar thermal pipe circuits. In addition to frost protection function, the solar thermal control unit has pump-blocking protection and useful sensor monitoring. Long-winded and boring troubleshooting methods are so yesterday, so the digital display shows up-to-date information on operating status. The solar sensor, facing into the sun, is easily fitted to the warm-water return pipe or solar absorber manifold using the supplied zip tie. The pool water sensor is set into the PVC adapter, delivered with the product contents, and flush-mounted in a PVC T-piece in front of the solar discharge. To avoid excessive pool temperatures caused by high-performance SOLAR-RIPP® swimming pool solar heating, the pool owner can set a self-selecting maximum temperature of e.g. +29°C. When the pool water sensor measures this temperature level, the controller switches the solar unit off and as a result the swimming pool is not overheated. Comfort-oriented pool owners are making a fine choice with this controller, as the solar unit switches on and off fully automatically and cost-free solar energy is utilized optimally at 100% and delivered to the pool water. The unit can also be used with older absorber brands by third-party suppliers.