Your SOLAR-RIPP ® Spring Newsletter 2012

Topics covered in this Newsletter:

1) Integrating SOLAR-RIPP ® solar collectors into the filtration circuit of private swimming pools.
2) Retailer access to the SOLAR-RIPP ® Web Shop for specialist suppliers of swimming pools.
3) Enhanced SOLAR-RIPP ® Solar Controller SRC182.


Item 1) People often ask us how to integrate genuine SOLAR-RIPP ® solar collectors into the filtration circuit of private swimming pools. To answer this question in as few words as possible, we have come up with the idea of displaying three photo-realistic schematic diagrams. In keeping with the saying “a pictures tells a thousand words” we are showing you three easy-to-interpret examples of piping installation. Two automatic options - one using a 3-way motor-operated valve and the other using a separate solar circuit pump - plus a “hand-switched” mechanical example, cover the most common system configurations. By omitting irrelevant details, these graphic representations give amateur and professional builders alike a quick insight into the components required for installation. All component parts can of course be obtained from us at SOLAR-RIPP ®.

Item 2) Are you are a retailer in the swimming pool/solar technology sector or the heating and plumbing industry, and interested in working with us? Then please take just a few moments to register with us as a specialist dealer. Once we have identified you from your company information (web site or trading licence), your retailer buying prices will be activated straight away. You will benefit from speedy order processing as you will enter your customer orders directly into our database system. There are now over 20,000 different SOLAR-RIPP ® solar absorber sizes available to you at the click of a mouse. In addition to our favourable terms of purchase, you will also be able to view the anticipated shipping costs for your order and the status of your delivery. For larger-scale hotel and public installations, please enquire in the standard way by fax or email, giving details of your construction data.

Item 3) Those who prefer fully-automatic operation by means of an electric switchable valve should pay special attention here. The enhanced SOLAR-RIPP ® solar controller SRC182 operates both a separate solar circuit pump and a new, (at last) short circuit protected 3-way motor-operated valve. We offer this valve in 50 mm and 63 mm connection diameters (with PVC bonded sleeve or PE socket welds). It is perfect for private and smaller-scale hotel installations. When an internal mechanical blockage occurs, the electronics simply switch off the motor after a pre-set torque is reached, thus preventing the motor coils from burning out. Go to the SOLAR-RIPP ® Solar Controller SRC182.