Newly Designed SOLAR-RIPP ® Air Separator

NEW product available in 2013: The newly designed SOLAR-RIPP ® air separator collects oxygen that is outgassed during operation as well as residual air that remains in the solar energy system after startup, especially in the upper inside “pockets” of the ribbed solar pipes. The air intake volume is just under 500 cubic centimeters, in other words half a liter. Delivery includes a SOLAR-RIPP ® coupling bush, part no. SRMU500000SP. That allows the component to be connected directly to the original 50-mm outgoing line (hot-water outflow) or after the 90° or 180° bend, ideally at the highest point in the system. We were unable to achieve satisfying results with the products currently on the market for the pool supply industry; either additional air was drawn into the system, or the parts leaked water, which inspired us to design a better solution. Even supposedly automatic systems failed to meet our quality standards under strongly fluctuating pressure and temperature conditions. That’s not surprising when you consider that some absorber systems, for instance ground assemblies, are located on a slope 1 meter under the pool, while other builders install their systems on a tiled house roof several meters above the pool. 

In order to ensure that solar panels positioned higher than the surface of the pool water will function properly, we recommend installing a shut-off ball valve after this component in the return line. To vent it, simply close the ball valve and immediately open the small hand lever at the top of the air separator. The pump pressure will then push the air out while the pump is in operation. As soon as water starts to come out, close the small hand lever and then immediately open the shut-off ball valve in the return line; turn off the pump if necessary.

Note: We recommend that this be done by two people so that one person can turn off the pump right away, in order to avoid overloading the pump while the return line is closed off. 

Made from PROPYSOL. Resistant to UV rays, chlorinated water, sea and salt water, and free from internal metal components.

Component dimensions: 45cm x 20cm x 6cm, weight 1.1 kg.

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