AEO status awarded to SOLAR-RIPP ® by central customs office in Coblenz

A harmonised system of customs handling has been introduced for the German solar technology company SOLAR-RIPP ®. With this measure, the company management has reacted positively to the call from its discerning international customer base with regard to the accelerated delivery of goods at “customs barriers”. It means that unnecessary and inconvenient delays involving potential queries are now a thing of the past.

SOLAR-RIPP ® was awarded AEO (Authorised Economic Operator) status by their local central customs office, which brings the advantage of simplification in customs procedures. The consignee (customer) can benefit from international shipments being processed more rapidly and more securely.

During the application process for the certification, a company undergoes inspection of its accounting system, which involves close monitoring and, in particular, it must allow subsequent examination. The company must also demonstrate its ability to meet financial obligations. The customs authority also gains additional knowledge about the company’s past and its goods deliveries together with the logistics system in place.

SOLAR-RIPP ® was issued with certificate ref. DE AEOC 119150, valid from 31 January 2014, and is now entitled to simplified customs procedures for cross-border consignments of goods. Further information on the AEO certificate can be found on the European Commission website at This website also includes the official database listing for identifying companies already holding AEO certification.