New Aluminium Support System for SOLAR-RIPP ® Solar Absorbers

Over recent years, people have often come to us at exhibitions and asked whether we also offer a mounting system for swimming pool solar heating. We took this request from our customers very seriously, with the result that our engineers have developed a modular system that is truly long-lasting and good-looking. This system of vertical and horizontal supports can be pre-ordered by the customer to the required dimensions and is quick to assemble on site in just a few steps using the simple joining elements. The design of the anodised aluminium system makes it ideal for outdoor areas as it has a rigid construction which provides an extremely long service life. Manufactured with “Made in Germany” engineering quality, it is dimensionally accurate to within a tenth of a millimetre. Our SOLAR-RIPP ® Clip strips can be attached using plastic securing straps (quick method) or special stainless steel clamps (permanent method). In contrast with wooden structures, the “ALU” aluminium support system will still look like new after many years and will withstand all weather conditions without any change in its appearance. The modern look of the satin aluminium finish complements the reserved black of the SOLAR-RIPP ® Solar System perfectly and together they give a top-quality appearance. 

When mounting on walls, the highly rigid frame has the advantage of only needing to be attached to the wall at a few points. The same applies to flat and sloping roofs, where the frames can be mounted without damaging the roof membrane. Entire energy fences can be created so as to fully exploit the high SOLAR-RIPP ® efficiency level of up to 91.7% and transport the free solar heat for onward use.

Please speak to us about your specific structural requirements and we will provide you with an interesting proposal.

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