Technology: HPRL design

By opting for our new model of connector with HPRL design, you can benefit from two SOLAR-RIPP ® advantages:

Technical advantage: this type of connection is suitable for all types of installation and guarantees improved degassing in the solar circuit due to increased pressure in the absorber return line path. The high flow velocity in the tubes causes any air bubbles to be flushed through the system more efficiently and discharged into the pool via the return line. 

Smart solution: a divider in the SOLAR-RIPP ® manifold/collector creates both a heating and return line path in one single unit.

Price advantage: integrating the return line path into the solar area eliminates the need for an additional, parallel return line positioned next to the panel, which would result in higher costs.

Applications have been filed with the German Patent and Trade Mark Office in Munich for industrial property rights covering this product design.

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