The University of Innsbruck chooses SOLAR-RIPP ®

 The academic unit for Energy Efficient Buildings, Building Technology and Renewable Energies at the University of Innsbruck views its main task as supporting the sustainable renewal process – on the one hand by providing training for professional engineers and architects and, on the other, through consistent research and development programmes for the benefit of human health, sustainable development and environmental protection.


In doing so, it looks at a wide variety of system sections and components where improvement and/or optimisation is necessary, whilst also taking into consideration the complex interaction of all elements within the system as a whole, with the aim of finding the best overall solutions from the diverse options available.


We congratulate this unit on its choice of SOLAR-RIPP ® solar absorbers and we are confident that these high quality plastic heat exchangers, purchased in August 2017, will brings benefits to the research and teaching at this technical university.