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Screwdriver For 14mm Hexagon Socket INBUS ® Screwdriver For 14mm Hexagon Socket INBUS ®
Chrome vanadium steel, Fits the (old) 14mm threaded plug of plastic.
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Temperature sensor (old controller SRC40/SRC181/SRC182/SRC192+TSG models) 1m cable length Temperature sensor (old controller...
Replacement sensor suitable for the old controls SRC40/ SRC181/ SRC182/ SRC192 and TSG39 /TSG60/ TSG70/ TSG160/ TSG180/ TSG190/ TSG252, black cable, approx. 1m long.
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SOLAR-RIPP ® Clamp (flexible) SOLAR-RIPP ® Clamp (flexible)
Perfect fixation of the original SOLAR-RIPP ® manifolds / collectors as well as other pipes with 50mm outside diameter, Supplied as a flat, flexible sheet metal part for self-bending (simply bend the two eyelet ends by 90 ° with two...
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