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Set Adhesive + Primer for bonding SOLAR-RIPP ® Clips

Set Adhesive + Primer for bonding SOLAR-RIPP ® Clips
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Product "Set Adhesive + Primer for bonding SOLAR-RIPP ® Clips"

Satisfying bonding results of the SOLAR-RIPP ® clips on non-absorbent surfaces, e.g. on metal roofs are only possible if the primer is used! The surfaces to be treated must be dry, clean and free of dust and grease (use e.g. PVC cleaner before). Shake the primer well before use and apply a thin film with a clean cloth. Good ageing stability, UV stability, resistance to salt water, application temperature +5°C to +35°C, final temperature resistance -35°C to +85°C, skin formation approx. 25 minutes, hardening of 2-3mm in the first 24 hours, tensile strength aprox. 3 N/mm2, tensile shear strength aporx. 2 N/mm2, evaporation time after application 10-60 min., adhesive application at the latest after 60 min., 250ml primer should suffice for 100 pcs. of SOLAR-RIPP ® clips including the second bonding surface. 310ml adhesive should suffice for approx. 30 to 80 pcs. of SOLAR-RIPP ® clips, depending on diameter of bonding beading (3mm <> 80 pcs., 4mm <> 50 pcs., 5mm <> 30 pcs. of SOLAR-RIPP ® clips), 12 months shelf life in unopened cartridge, black colour, HS-Code 35069100.

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