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SOLAR-RIPP ® Clip 15 Way (0,5m) SOLAR-RIPP ® Clip 15 Way (0,5m)
For rapid assembly with non-slip safetyconstruction feature to fix the solar tubes, the clips provide optimal look of the solar system, Clips are placed parallel every one metre for flat mounting (standard package contain), or every 50cm...
€2.99 *
Set Adhesive + Primer for bonding SOLAR-RIPP ® Clips Set Adhesive + Primer for bonding SOLAR-RIPP ®...
Satisfying bonding results of the SOLAR-RIPP ® clips on non-absorbent surfaces, e.g. on metal roofs are only possible if the primer is used! The surfaces to be treated must be dry, clean and free of dust and grease (use e.g. PVC cleaner...
€49.98 *